A New Pair of Eyes

buddhaeyes“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

- Marcel Proust


Everyday I see the same things and think the same thoughts. I’ve done it this way and thought that way for years. These thoughts and attitudes become the unassailable truths of my existence.  When I seek growth I read book after book looking for the new idea that I’m missing only to reject it because it conflicts with what I think I already know. What if these unassailable truths I’ve developed over time are actually the distorted perceptions of life that block me from seeing something new; seeing life as it really is? I can’t allow the things I think I know to prevent me from learning the things I need to know. I can look at the world around me with new eyes. I can practice a Beginner’s Mind and set aside everything I think I know so that I can have a new experience with the truth. After all, some of us have tried to hold on to our old ideas and the result was nil until we let go absolutely.

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