Spiritual Pride

Don P. was member of Alcoholics Anonymous from Aurora, CO. He died on March 20, 2005 with over 37 years sobriety. You can listen to Don by going to the Speaker tab.

  “This isn’t about me demonstrating for God what I can do;

its about God demonstrating through me what He can do.”

- Don P.




I was raised to believe that if I wanted something it was up to me alone to get it. Naturally, I accepted the credit for my accomplishments. All too often, however, when things went wrong I could always point somewhere else as the reason for my failure. This two-sided coin of credit and blame was an example of my self-centered pride; the arrogance of my ego. When I began my recovery I committed myself to learning how to live a spiritual life. I did a 4th & 5th Step to identify my character defects. I did Steps 6 & 7, asking God to remove the things that block from from His love. What I failed to see was that some of my character defects hid themselves in a cloak of spirituality. The arrogant pride of my ego followed me into recovery. My “spiritual pride”  began to take credit for “earning” God’s grace. Look what I have done! When my self-centeredness showed itself and I returned to my old behaviors, it wasn’t me it was my “addict” as if someone else was responsible. It was the same two-sided coin of credit and blame. With the help of my friends in recovery and plenty of prayer I am learning to see these spiritual defects. I am finding that the acceptance of my imperfection isn’t a coin flip. Practicing honesty, humility and gratitude isn’t a gamble. It’s a sure thing.

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