Angels on the Path

face-in-the-crowdI have found a Power in recovery that helps me grow towards being who I was intended to be. It is rarely an easy journey. There are constant challenges. The path is uncertain and I don’t always recognize its landmarks. It is easy to detour into a maze built of ego and self-will. Fortunately I do not walk alone. There are Angels on the path to guide me.

If I soften my heart the Angels guide me toward change. Anyone I encounter can be an Angel. Synchronicity seems to place them on my path when their lesson is needed the most. When the student is ready, the teacher arrives. It is up to me see them. I must be present and aware. I must be ready to learn. Willingness and open-mindedness are essential to allowing the Angels on the path to touch my life. It is through them that I realize my purpose and effect the changes in my life that keep me on the path of discovery and spiritual growth. It is through them that I realize the Power that connects us all.

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