My Co-Dependence

For me, co-dependence is my assumption of responsibility for the solutions to your problems. In return, you will be the key to solving mine. It is the belief that I am responsible for your happiness and in return you will make me happy. Co-dependence is the idea that by looking at your outsides I can tell what is happening inside. Privy to this knowledge I then design and craft my actions to manipulate your feelings according to my agenda at the time. Co-dependence is the demand that you know how I am feeling and what I need by looking at my actions, however guarded. Having this information you will then act to meet my needs.

Because you never met my expectations, I was left feeling self pity, victimized, angry, resentful, entitled, and determined that if I only tried harder to satisfy your needs you would finally be willing to satisfy mine. After all, can’t you see how much I love you?

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