Spiritual Progress

During my addictive acting out I harmed many people. My actions were self centered and motivated by unhealthy beliefs and desires. With the guidance and strength of a power greater than myself I have entered a spiritual life. Still, I continue to make mistakes and wrong turns. The lessons I learn from these mistakes help me to move forward along the spiritual path I have chosen.

This is not always what others see, though. To some the words I speak mean nothing. My actions may be discounted as manipulation and subterfuge. Against the beliefs of others I am powerless. I can only continue along the spiritual path with faith, willingness and honesty.

I have learned to accept that, to some, I will never be more than the harm I have caused in the past. I am comfortable with who I am, the good and the bad. I am neither devil or saint. I am both. My happiness and spiritual growth arise from integrating the humility of accepting my past with the faith of a spiritual future.

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