Step Guides

I have seen various guides and charts developed as aids to working the 12 Steps in the different fellowships. I have used some of them personally. The only one I recommend is the following. It is clear and concise. Nothing added and nothing deleted. I used this guide when doing my first inventory. I have since used it one other time. I give it to all of my sponsees. It works well for both the newcomer and the member with some time under their belt.

AA/CA 4th Step Inventory Guide – Directions right out of the Big Book on how to write your inventory. From Paul F.

Some of the other guides I’ve seen and used follow. Each person is different and one of these guides may be perfect for you.

4th Step Inventory Worksheets – These are the fairly familiar worksheets that allow you to do an inventory by checking boxes. Minimal writing. I found the worksheets didn’t give me the same experience as sitting down and writing things out. There is a useful sheet on the definitions of some of the terms used in the 4th Step (i.e. ambition, pocketbook, personal relations, pride etc…). This is from and Dallas B.

9th Step Suggestions – From my own experience and the instructions from my sponsor I have developed a process for making amends. I’ve followed these steps on each of my amends and they have provided a solid platform to set right my mistakes.