The links below are some of my favorite speakers from several fellowships. The website www.xa-speakers.org is a great resource for downloading and listening to speakers. If you need help accessing these speakers or if you need help burning them to a CD please contact me.

Don P. from Pine Bluffs, NC speaking in Aurora, CO – August 11th 1998 – Don has a simple spiritual message. He is the epitome of “Keep It Simple”. He speaks clearly and from the heart.

Earl H. from Studio City, CA speaking at the Atlanta Roundup in Atlanta, GA – July 22nd 2007 – An incredible story delivered in an entertaining way. Earl delivers the message with a laugh and a tear. A “must listen” speaker.

Johnny H. from Los Angeles, CA speaking at the Sierra Nevada Roundup in Sparks, NV – September 3rd 1989 – Johnny brings a little country comfort to recovery. He had a hard knocks life and delivers a very clean, AA message.

Chris R. from Ingram, TX at Primary Purpose Group’s 14th anniversary – February 2nd 2002 – Controversial, direct and often funny, Chris speaks about the importance of sharing the message in our meetings. Off color, sometimes profane.

Danny F. from Oklahoma City, OK speaking at Recovery in the Rockies XIII in Midway, UT – October 12th 2002 – A true New Yorker tells his tough guy story complete with angels. A member of Cocaine Anonymous.

Big Book study with Joe and Charlie in .zip format – Classic study of the Big Book. Another “must listen”. Clicking on this link will download a compressed zip. If you have any problems I have these files on CD and will be glad to make you a copy.

“Barefoot” Bill L. from Dunellen, NJ speaking on the topic of “AA History & Early 12th Stepping Techniques” – An interesting look back at how things used to be…and should be still!

Back to the 40′s Workshop by Paul F – This is a 4 session workshop for taking people through the 12 Steps. Paul has chosen passages from the book Alcoholics Anonymous that get to the heart of each step. I use a similar method when working with another alcoholic/addict.